Friday, July 22

buku bulan ini #3

baru lepas rembat kat Popular..dah lame aku cari buku nie..baru jumpe...hari nie aku nak cakap orang puteh siket....let's i'm babbling about their was set before and during the French Revolution in the cities of Paris and London not in Kuala Lumpur. this story tells us about Dr  Manette's that release from prison in the Bastille.. and than, try to google about their stories and you will find the answer..teet teet.. very bored shit.. (: 


eqhaZIN said...

i just bought stephen king's book, DUMA KEY.
at this moment, i still can handle with it.
quite ok. but for d first time bc horror story, kinda hard to understand d words. hehe.

Saiful Farisin said...

owh yeah..sound goods..i will bought DUMA KEY..i need to improve our english lah..thanks tau..