Wednesday, December 8

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Name: Saiful Farisin b Md Ramlan
calvary sword: translate from arabic to english
i'm firstborn from my mother okeh..
weigh: 46kg...ringan kan...
house: rahsia alam...
have a license: + motorcycle
colour: crazy by green...
have a job: student laa..A level
aspires to become a lecture + museum curator
hate Mathematics crazy uh..
hate who pretender with someone..
i'm crazy bookstore tau...
love to laugh together with my mum + beloved friend..
i'm libertarianisme..say no to rasicm..
sape suke senyum..angkat tangan!
really hate trash + polluter
want to live in Bali and Phuket..awesome..
have a tumblr: yup2..karipapmasin.tumblr
dislike wear slippers + shoes while driving..why?..selesa lah..
have a question: send to

 tagged by : Raja Sharul Nizam nak lagi ke..nanti tambah lagi lah okeh.....

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